Deep Hype Sounds - Possibly the best house music label in Chicago

Well maybe not quite yet but here at Deep Hype Sounds it is something we are striving for.

Since its foundation in 2008 and rapidly approaching its 10th year in existence the record label specialises in all types of house music ranging from classic house to full blown techno with every genre in between. With a core group of established artists and producers the name of Deep Hype Sounds is at the forefront of underground house music and in the thoughts of the worlds best Deejays when it comes to choosing and selecting music for their sets worldwide.

2016 saw the label reach its 100th release this being a limited vinyl and compilation album of 100 in total comprising of new and previous tracks from Deep Hype Sounds

Our artists and producers are from all corners of the world and we are truly unique in being a global family. We look forward to expanding on this and the label in the near and distant future.We hope you enjoy browsing our website and listening to the excellent selection of house music tracks we have released and will be releasing in the near future.


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