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Label Profile

Deep Hype Sounds was founded in the spiritual home of house music Chicago in 2008. From its inception the label has never had any restrictions on the style of house music it releases but has one goal and that is to release the very best in House Music whether it be Deep,Tech or Jackin. 2016 saw the label reach its 100th release this being a limited vinyl and compilation album comprising of new and previous releases from the label. 2017 has seen the label increase its number of artists and is now in the enviable position of having a full schedule of releases for the upcoming weeks and months. Artists producing for the label include:

Andrius Žamba
Elemental Soul
Forced Voyage
House Meanz House
Jeff Haze
Jose Zaragoza
Loopus K
Rob T
Something Erotic

Deep Hype Sounds
1626 w 32nd Place
Chicago, IL

Recent Releases
  1. 01 Best Of 2017 Various Artists
  2. 02 Get On The Vibe Jose Zaragoza
  3. 03 Deep In Too Andrius Žamba
  4. 04 1st Corinthians DeepSkeleTones
  5. 05 Why Did You Do It Forced Voyage
Upcoming Releases
  1. 01 House Is Mine
    Out Jan 7th
    Andrius Žamba
  2. 02 Miss You Out
    Out Jan 11th
    Forced Voyage
  3. 03 Something In Me
    Out Jan 14th
  4. 04 Touch My Soul
    Out Jan 18th
    Jose Zaragoza
  5. 05 Get Up Out
    Out Jan 29th
    Andrius Žamba
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