• RELEASE DATE /May, 11, 2018
  • FORMAT /Digital

Release tracklist

Sash1m1 is back, and wow is he back! He brings us 5 tunes on his latest album. Big build ups, and music bliss on his latest. Sash1m1 starts the ep with Daydream, soft bouncy beats, airy chords, a great way to start your day on the beach.Next up is supernatural love, that will remind you of the french house days of old! This one has all the right elements to make it a great start of the night song! Just great tune all around.AF has an electro, broken beat, left field vibe to it. Pure energy, great use of vocal snippet, and the sounds are top notch! Hit! Power Love pt2 starts with a funky guitar lick, and keeps staying funky throughout the tune. The release ends with Timeless. A perfect way to end this new ep, beautiful chords played throughout the song with raising strings. Beautiful.